Dec. 9, 2022

Microdosing Psychedelics - with John Robert Downs | A Good Day to Die EP 16

Microdosing Psychedelics - with John Robert Downs | A Good Day to Die EP 16
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Microdosing coach John Downs joins me to discuss the cultural resurgence of psychedelic medicine. He explains how microdosing with small doses of psilocybin or acid can help humans to improve mood and sense of wellbeing. Further, one can transform stuck patterns and outdated ways of being by facing and experiencing uncomfortable feelings and memories without the intimidation and fear around high-dose trips. 




0:00 Intro

3:14 Psychedelics becoming Mainstream

13:07 What is a Microdose 

16:45 Microdose vs Macrodose

23:33 Healing Anxiety & Depression

41:01 Legislation & Personal Responsibility 

44:16 Protocol & Coaching

53:15 Legality 

57:36 Microdosing Collective

1:00:57 Conclusion



John Robert Downs: 

John Downs is an entrepreneur, investor, and advisor within the cannabis and psychedelic industries, and a peak performance and mindset coach specializing in integration and microdosing. He helps entrepreneurs, founders, executives, and creative high-achievers transform and increase performance, ease suffering, and create lasting fulfillment by embodying their true purpose.  He discovered plant medicine in 2015 and began his own personal healing journey incorporating psychotherapy, men’s work, microdosing, embodiment practices, and the deep study of philosophy, archetypes, and the neurobiology of optimal states of consciousness (“Flow”).


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