Designing Health (and Disease) - with Dr. Michael Nelson | A Good Day to Die EP 2

Designing Health (and Disease) with Michael Nelson, D.C. Controlling the "Nurture" part of the equation. Food, lifestyle, sleep, stress. Unraveling the traditional medical paradigm and moving toward personal responsibility.

0:00 Intro
5:07 Dr. Nelson’s Story
31:01 Pilates
35:27 Taking Your Health into Your Hands
39:13 The Medical Disconnect
51:13 Tips for Healthy Living
1:01:18 Fasting & Low Carb
1:13:43 Power of Food Choice
1:27:43 Tools to Thrive
1:54:15 Eating Pizza
1:58:03 Conclusion

Dr. Michael Nelson has dedicated his 35+-year career to helping others
improve their lives. As a National Board-certified chiropractor and pioneer
in the practice of functional medicine with a focus on identifying and
addressing the root cause of disease, Dr. Nelson has helped over 10,000 patients including A-list
celebrities, elite athletes, and Olympians reach their optimal health.


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