Master Your Mental Health - with Paris Prynkiewicz | A Good Day to Die EP 12

Paris was hospitalized during a mental health crisis when she was 19. In her memoir, Crooked Illness- Lessons from Inside and Outside Hospital Walls, Paris shares her journey that let to her Bipolar 1 diagnosis and her road to recovery. Paris inspires us all to take responsibility for our mental health through her bravery in action and vulnerability.

0:00 Intro
2:30 Bipolar Diagnosis
10:00 Opening up about mental health
19:45 Mindset Shifts
23:55 How our parents shape us
41:12 Medication for Bipolar
46:27 Lifestyle Changes to Improve Mental Health
1:02:27 Writing “Crooked Illness”
1:05:42 What’s Next

Paris Prynkiewicz


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