Regenerative Farming is Changing the Way We See Food - with Gail & Lynette | A Good Day to Die EP14

Regenerative Farmers Gail Fuller and Lynette Miller share their journey of going from industrial practices to sustainable agriculture. They explain the danger of pesticides and glyphosate, and how it's causing mental health issues for farmers. Today, they lead a school educating people about regenerative farming, and sharing these practices that will shape our future. They reveal how YOU can get started on this journey today.

0:00 Intro
0:42 Soil is the Solution
3:41 Becoming Regenerative Farmers
19:32 Danger of Pesticides
27:30 Mental Health & Farming
34:55 Financial Burden from Switching to Regenerative
40:24 Animal Farming
47:27 Fuller Field School
1:02:03 Community Supported Agriculture
1:09:41 What YOU Can do

Gail’s life journey has taken him on a path from a 3200-acre conventional corn/ soybean farm to a 162-acre food farm that grows multiple species of livestock and literally dozens of different grains, fruit, nut, and vegetable crops (regenerative). Along the way, he has learned the value of healthy ecosystems to both his farming operation as well as his own health. Fuller puts
emphasis on principles, not practices and thinks farming should be about (re)growing
communities. Fuller believes we need to be growing our food in systems designed to live thrive according to nature's principles.

Gail has spoken at conferences and workshops all over the country and in 2012, along with help from Jill Clapperton, started the Fuller Field School. It has quickly become recognized as one of the premier advanced educational events in the US with speakers and attendees coming from all over the globe.

Gail is planning on adding more educational events on his new farm and is passionate about educating consumers as well. He believes the only way to change food
production in the US is from the bottom up. We can’t sit around and wait for the government to fix our broken food system, to heal our broken farmers, or to guide consumers on proper diets. We have to do this ourselves, one consumer at a time and one farm at a time.


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