The Highs & Lows of a Sugar Baby Arrangement - with Ashley Moore | A Good Day to Die EP 9

The fascinating world of Sugaring (Sugar Daddys/Mommas and Sugar Babies). Ashley Moore shares her personal experience inside a sugaring relationship. We discuss how these arrangements can be constructed and their key characteristics. What is the potential dark side? Aren't all relationships terms negotiated one way or the other?

0:00 Intro
3:18 Sugaring vs Dating
9:41 Dream Job in Seattle
16:53 Seeking Arrangements
24:07 Finding an Arrangement
32:44 Boundaries & Morals
36:51 Looking Back
39:50 What she’s not willing to do anymore
44:06 Ending the Arrangement
51:43 A Turning Point
59:06 Shame & Infidelity
1:09:25 Claim your Worth
1:18:16 Final Thoughts
1:22:29 Conclusion
Ashley Moore:

Ashley is a young entrepreneur. She has worked most of her career as an executive assistant in the Salon, Restaurant, and Real Estate Industries. She has a wide range of knowledge that has opened doors for various endeavors. From a small town in Seattle to the big city of Scottsdale, she has experienced more than most at the age of 28! Ashley loves discussing life, spiritual awareness, and health with people of all backgrounds. She believes serving others creates a life well lived and continues the urge to inspire others to give their best in life.



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