What I Learned From My Epic Business FAILURE | A Good Day to Die EP 19

A burgeoning professional ego and a quest for meaning propelled me from the safety of my kick ass job working for my dad into the Integrative Medical space. Passion fueled this business venture and ultimately blinded me to the endless challenges that lay ahead. Want to know what being an entrepreneur feels like....??? It feels like concrete blocks on your shoulders day and night. But after failing miserably, albiet admirably, I took my losses and started again. I vowed to use this experience as a guideline for what NOT to do.

0:00 Intro
4:03 Finding Naturopathic Medicine
10:30 Building a Business around it
19:32 Getting the Funds
27:16 Where things went Wrong
35:25 What They Won’t Tell You About Entrepreneurship
41:37 Learning & Starting Again
57:16 Managing Employees & Membership Models
1:01:42 Conclusion


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