When the Good Die Young -Navigating a Parent's Cancer Diagnosis -with Kristeen | Good Day to Die EP8

I speak with my oldest, cherished friend Kristeen Churchman about our shared experience of losing our mom to cancer. We discuss 1) Embracing and cherishing all of the dark moments of rage 2) Welcoming all the gifts from the experience 3) Letting go, setting boundaries and living a life worth living.

0:00 Intro
3:48 Who Kristeen’s Mom was
6:22 When a Parent Gets Diagnosed
11:58 The Last Months of Life
27:31 After Her Mom’s Death
39:39 Acceptance with Death
47:45 Our Own Mortality
1:00:56 Environmental Toxins
1:07:50 Reflections
1:19:55 Personal Boundaries
1:22:45 Conclusion

Kristeen Churchman is a longtime high school best friend. We’ve shared hopes and heartbreaks and the experience of both taking care of our mothers before their passing. Kristeen and I connect on the lessons, guidance and grace of when family comes first and have an honest conversation of the trauma and love loss brings.



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